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Message from the Ukulele Master

Welcome to Peter Sng’s Ukulele Studio!

Have you ever wanted to master a musical instrument?

The ukulele is a portable, entertaining and easy to learn 4-stringed musical instrument. You can bring this joy-bringer wherever you go.I am confident you can learn to play the ukulele without prior music knowledge.

My methodology is simple, progressive, comprehensive and fun! I will show the student WHAT and HOW to practice, as well as HOW to self-correct when he/she makes an error or experience difficulty in chord-changing. Lessons are taught using audio and visual presentations

UKULELE courses for different levels of playing~

Level 1
Ukulele Strumming for Beginners (USB).
Basic strumming with no music knowledge required.

Level 2
Better Ukulele Strumming (BUS)
A variety of strumming patterns that gives better effects.

Level 3 
Calypso and Rumba (CAR)
Lively rhythms that add zest to the music!

Level 4 
Pluck And Strum (PAS),
This is a unique style of Melody cum Strum which is melodious and entertaining.

My unique and easy hands-on instructions help the beginner to quickly master the basic skills and more importantly, produce the correct sounds of the chords. A total of 18 chords will be taught; most of which are commonly used. I encourage my students to look good and sound good.
In the USB course, the beginner will be encouraged to Strum And Sing (SAS) Community, Evergreens, Oldies (CEO) songs and Songs of Praise (SOP).
Jamming and Singalong sessions will be held occasionally for fun and fellowship.

I offer both group and individual lessons. I have taught members of the Seletar Country Club and NTUC Annuitant members and also conducted courses at the Jurong Country Club, Orchid Country Club, Changi Golf Club, Singapore Swimming Club, SWAMI Home, Revival Church Center, Azalea & Caribbean Condos, IMH, PSA, Kim Tian Church, Nee Soon South CC, Yew Tee CC, Windermere Condo, Calvary Baptist Church, The Orphans & Volunteers at Willing Hearts Orphange (Philippines), Buddhist Fellowship and at my home-studio.

I was invited to conduct an ukulele workshop for seniors at The Esplanade in November 2015.

My former students provide numerous testimonials that attest to my expertise, experience and enthusiasm as a musician and Master Teacher.
I am confident that with regular and correct practice, you will soon be strumming away joyfully on your ukulele.


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