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Frequently asked Questions & Answers

Q. Do I need to have musical knowledge?
A. No, I specialize in teaching to those without any musical knowledge.
     I have taught students who have never played a musical instrument before.

Q. What do I need for the course?
A. You will need an ukulele, an electronic tuner ($20) and theUkulele Studio Complete Beginners’ Book                 ($20). Pre-tuned and seasoned Soprano ukuleles, (with bags), from $75/- to $130/- can be purchased
     from me.

Q. Where is the course held?
A. 61 SING Ave (217905) Off Rangoon Rd.
     By MRT : Alight at Farrer Park MRT Station (NE8).  Exit B.
     By Car   : Coupon parking is required. By Bus: 131

Q. How long is the duration of the course?
A. For Beginners, there are 5 lessons (2 hourly sessions), once a week

Q. What is the syllabus for Beginners Course?
A. Students will learn how to hold and tune the uke, the correct fingering of a variety of chords,
     Different ways to strum the 4/4 rhythm & the ¾ Waltz rhythm, Transposition of Keys and
     how to play-by-ear.

Q. Do you conduct Individual lessons?
A. Yes, the fee is $60/- per 2-hourly session regardless of “level”. Although it's an Individual lesson, there             may be a maximum of 3 students in group so that I can pay full attention to them, who will progress faster.

Q. Do you conduct Intermediate courses?
A. Yes, Better Ukulele Strumming course.
     You will learn different strumming patterns to enhance your playing.

Q. Do you conduct Melody-playing courses?
A. Yes, Pluck And Strum course for those who prefer melodies

Q. What is the course fee?
A. The course fee for Group lessons is payable at the first lesson.
     Ukulele Strumming for Beginners, USB, $200 for 5 lessons.
     Better Ukulele Strumming, BUS, $120 for 3 lessons.   
     Calypso and Rumba, CAR, $120 for 3 lessons.
     Pluck And Strum, PAS, $160 for 4 lessons. 

Q. What if I miss one or two lessons?
A. Make-up lessons can be arranged. It is free if there is an on-going course.
     Otherwise, there is a nominal fee of $40/- per lesson.
     Please recognize that your progress will be affected when you miss a session.
     There will be no lessons on public holidays.

Q. What ages do you teach?
A. Generally, I teach students from ages 10 to 80. I show the participants the way to learn & practice.

Q. What is the minimum number of students required to commence the course?
A. A minimum of 6 students is prefered for group lessons to commence.

For any other enquiries, please email or call P'ter 97775677


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