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What they Say About Peter's Ukulele Lessons

"Peter is a fun loving man. He is passionate in playing and reaching the ukulele. I didn't have any prior background in music and have never played a musical instrument before. Peter's teaching method is easy to grasp especially for a beginner like me. His passion is contagious and his lesson is always fun. I could see a leap in improvement as fast as after the third lesson.              What I love the most about him is his belief that everyone can play the ukulele." ~Rika (Buddhist Fellowship)

 "I had 4 one-to-one lessons with Peter. His techniques are straight-forward and easy to follow. I was amazed at how much I could pick up in just the first lesson alone. He is very encouraging throughout and he selflessly shared what he knows with me, including the different strumming methods that are meant to be covered only in Level 2. I applaud his passion for the ukulele. In fact, his enthusiasm for that cute little musical instrument is very infectious. Now I play the ukulele whenever I get the chance and I love it." ~Pei Yee Lee

"Peter, you make ukulele learning as easy as ABC. Your lessons were enjoyable and easy to understand. The props that you used in your teaching, like the fan, chopstick ping pong ball to demonstrate the strumming methods were indeed very innovative. Who would have thought of that? You even taught the correct way of holding the ukulele and make changing of chords so easy that it produce 4 clear notes on the strings. I particularly like the "soft and loud" you taught, the words you used to emphasize the rhythm always rings in my head that make my strumming the rhythm sounds good. Thank you, my mentor for making me a good ukulele player that can entertain myself and friends."~Tommy Ee

"I could not believe I have achieved and exceeded my own expectation of what I initially set out to learn, and I am able to play my own selected songs after 1 month. Much time is devoted by Peter on practical delivery through a combination of concise course notes, videos and cd, not to mention, revisions on weaker areas. In the intermediate course, I am equipped with better ukulele strumming skills, a variety of techniques that I can rearrange and remix a song with different tempo, which makes my music sound nicer and suddenly so interesting. Learning Ukulele needs discipline like any other string instruments, Peter's method helps me to accelerate the process, a morale booster in holding my learning interest. For anyone without music background at all, I would recommend Peter Sng at Ukulele Studio."~Alex Tan

"Although I have no musical background I am amazed at how quickly I have picked up the Ukulele. Peter's teaching style is so refreshing and unique. His lessons are usually followed by videos (homework). I have tried other lessons with no success. He willingly imparts his knowledge and skills to us. He is very precise, like how to hold and strum the ukulele correctly. Overall Peter is an awesome teacher."~Adeline Chin

"P'ter's lessons are structured and his videos are very useful as it allows me to re-visit later and practise at my own pace. He is strict but nonetheless a very dedicated teacher and his passion for the ukulele is infectious. Continue to spread the spirit and joy of the Ukulele to all around you!"~Dot aka Adeline

"Mr. Peter Sng, an ardent n passionate ukulele player himself, is a conscientious instructor with full of enthusiasm. His lessons are well-planned to suit the students of varied ages. His systematic approach to playing the Ukulele is fun and easy to follow. His warm and approachable personality is another plus. He gives individual attention and guidance, to all the students during the class lessons. Every lesson is enjoyable and satisfying."~Albert Tan.

"Your passion to teach and impart skills makes you undoubtedly a great ukulele teacher. Your methodical teaching is unique       as it makes learning easy, especially for those who have no music background."~Philip Foo Calvary Baptist Church

"Thank you for accepting me an 83 year old man as your student. I have learnt much from you despite my age. Your patience dealing with this sluggish brain of mine, speaks volumes of the quality of a good teacher. Your passion in the ukulele is unbelievable."~Julian Hwang

"Thank you very much for your patience and love for teaching us ukulele in Nee Soon South C.C. UIG. Your excellent teaching methods are very good and more than 70 residents have benefited from your lessons."~Poh Phien Seah

"On behalf of IMH-ukefellows, a big THANK YOU for teaching us to play the ukulele, and more importantly, to like and enjoy playing it. We obviously couldn't have done it without you. Our "great performance" was only possible because of you and the way you have taught and inspired us. We should have asked you to join us on stage, if not during the performance, at least after it so that they know who was behind the "5-lessons-can-play-already" miracle you've created.”~Lim Chee Meng

“Want to say THANK YOU for your enjoyable lessons on ukulele. Thank you for your patient precise teaching on fingering as well as strumming and also persisting in making sure we did correctly. Thank you for the FUN too as you taught us enthusiastically and helped us catch your enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing the little “tips” on how to hold correctly and comfortably. May you have lots of pleasure teaching many more students who will benefit from your teaching.~Mary Thomas

“To me, you are a very dedicated instructor. Anyone without musical background will benefit greatly from your instructions. You make melody and strumming chords easy.”~Amy Tan

“You have been patient and have a great sense of humour. Your love for the ukulele shines through your words and actions and your enthusiasm shines through everything you say and do. In short you are a great ukulele teacher.”~Rosemary Wee

“Your unselfish, patience and sharing your “secrets” to fine playing is wonderful!”~Linda Tan

“I enjoyed the SAS sessions. I like the systematic strumming teachings. The songs chosen were good. I am always looking forward to the sessions.~Joanne Wong

"You are an accomplished uke-teacher though you had no formal music training and qualification. You combine your unique creativity of blending various strumming patterns and techniques with your musical tatalent."~F.S.Foo

"We are very honoured to have you teaching us ukulele in Swami Home voluntarily. You are a very good instructor, very jovial and entertaining and you conduct your lessons very professionally and passionately."~Staff of Swami Home 

"I would encourage others to learn from Peter. But one must be very diligent in practicing the lessons. He is strict in that sense. He would be very excited if we could learn what he has taught us."~Anna Chia

"Peter is a wonderful teacher and Master. He is also a wonderful and unselfish friend, ever-willing to impart his knowledge and experience."~Tom Low

"A wonderful teacher with an unique teaching technique."~Chee Chat San. Kim Tian Church

"Peter is very systematic and precise in his instructions. He will recap important points and learning techniques. I found the lessons to be enjoyable and fruitful."~Samantha Chua